Idylwilde Hawaii Goes Live


Hi Folks,

It has been some time since I posted.  Thought I would update those who care.

For the time being I am living half the year in Hawaii.  I have recently set up Idylwilde Hawaii, a guided trips targeting bonefish on the flats of Molokai.  I was born and raised on Molokai so this is home.  The other half of the year I reside on the mainland to live close to my son during the summer months when he is off from school.

Looking at flats from my home on Molokai

Looking at flats from my home on Molokai

It has taken some time to come to terms with my loses, both personal and professional.  I still own Idylwilde and have kept it idle during my time of recovery.  Will I start it again?  That is a question I ask myself almost daily and do not have the answer to date.

It has taken time to get my living situation sorted out as well.  I now have a permanent base both on the mainland and in Hawaii. Taking care of these details gives me peace of mind to all me to focus on the future and what it has in store for Idylwilde.

Going forward I intend to post on this blog about guiding for bones, fishing reports, life on Molokai and other things I find interesting.





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  1. Bacon_to_fry says:

    Looks like a fine porch for beer and a crib game.

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