The Pink Pedal Boat


Skookum wade fishing

The in-law’s cabin in northern Wisconsin sits on a 120-acre lake that harbors 2-5 lb. largemouth, some decent pike, and all the bluegill, brim, and sunfish Skookum can catch. She prefers wade fishing.


I rock this pink paddle boat, which is a totally under-rated fly fishing craft that more anglers should utilize.  The boat is surprisingly stable, even when I reach my “cabin weight” after a week or so of cheese curds, brats, and Grain Belt beer. While I prefer to foot-pedal to my honey-hole then stand up and fish, this boat allows me to troll or cruise weed beds and cast while seated as well; a truly versatile vessel with an awesomer paint-job that comes-correct with a built-in stripping basket in the stern!


Stealth, precision control, stripping basket, affordable power source, its got it all!

4 Responses to “The Pink Pedal Boat”

  1. Chris C says:

    Nice craft, perfect boat, two seater also eh?

  2. justin says:

    yep, plenty of room for ya’ if you want to book with me out there next year!

  3. Doug Brady says:

    Hell Justin, that boat is sweet !! it could be the flats boat of the future !!

  4. Corey Harper says:

    Where did u get the pink pesal boat? Do u want to sell yours?

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