The Jeweler Customizes Reel


Hand engraving makes me think “how come I am not a .com millionaire so I can own a collection of hand engraved side by side shotguns?”  I may never own,  sorry, I will never own a hand engraved shotgun.

On the upside I may one day own a hand engraved reel.  My buddy The Jeweler shared these images from his most recent piece.   Marty Sheppard owner of Little Creek Outfitters, commissioned The Jeweler to customize his brand new Saracione Reel.  How Marty affords a Saracione Reel and custom hand engraving is beyond me.  I am straight up envious!  B

Give The Jeweler a shout and have your reel personalized.

Hope Marty has a lot of guide trips booked to cover this.

Hope Marty has a lot of guide trips booked to cover this.


Who’s your daddy!!! as you strut around the Spey Clave



6 Responses to “The Jeweler Customizes Reel”

  1. Jeweler says:

    Thanks for the kind words .

  2. Zach says:

    I felt obligated to say nice things to try and get some love in return.

  3. RR says:

    Well hello Mister Fancypants!

  4. Cardo says:

    Beauty. Possible to get the handle done on my Mark iV 3″ trout? I’d like to get my initials and a “40” put on it.

  5. Jeweler says:

    Sure cardo . Contact me at

  6. Coach Duff says:

    Amazing job Jewler! I love those Saracione reels just like Marty does, and have switched to only using the new Saracione saltwater Islamorada reels over here in Hawaii for big bonefish. Great pics, great engraving job and nice to see Marty and Zac still appreciate the very best. And Zac, don’t let the bastards get you down, kaharma is a motherfucker and I think there’s a list of rats who are standing in line to get what they got coming. See you this year on the islands brother! Duffer (Coach Duff)

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