Technically, Not Very Technical


Fishermen all over the world seem to be big on technique.

Having great technique is great, but being technical can sometimes border on the obsessive. Which can result in being too technical/annoying if yer on the other end of the guy asking how many nano grams of dubbing is on yer fly.

Fortunately, master fly tyer Ken Morrish has done the math for the technical man! Frankly, it’s pretty cut and dry… kinda like a 1+1 equation for the masses… check it out:


 Exhibit A: Danny boy looks good to me. Technical, without feeling technical or subjecting ones self to extreme technicality!



Exhibit B: Look mom no hands! Technical on a not so technical level:)



In short, relax people. Turns out that being technical, doesn’t always have to be super technical when someone technically does the technical work for ya.


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  1. mike doughty says:

    that streamer is a perfect match

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