I love the Lake!

"I don't want my kids to do any sports or after school activities. That would mean having to take time away from the lake. I don't want to take any time away from the lake. I love the lake!" Dave Bagget Okie Noodling Who wouldn't love ...

The Grab! by: Weedless Productions – Starring Marts Zulu

Fishing and Eating Hamburgers Madison Style!

John Spriggs - Madison River, Montana from The Burgundy Collective on Vimeo.

Roman Polanski Production?

Whoa!!! Heavy!! The symbolism in the teddy bear scene eludes me? Do you get it? Not sure I am comfortable watching it a 2nd time.    

Take Action to Preserve YOUR Public Land!

Our greatest single asset is our public land! My friend Mia Sheppard works as the Oregon representative for the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, whose mission is to "guarantee you a place to hunt and fish." Mia is calling on all of us to contact the BLM and let them know ...

Extreme Fishing for Real

My perception is that the majority of people making films or videos about fly fishing these days attempt to portray the sport as "extreme." To me extreme means putting your life at risk by participating in the sport. I have never felt my life has been threatened by the actual ...

Flyfishing Cribs – Tent Camp

AK Summer reality TV from Kevinpriceflyfishing.com on Vimeo.

Pike V Morrish Mouse?

Jimbo Taps Doll Market

[caption id="attachment_9071" align="aligncenter" width="556" caption="Next Level Marketing"][/caption]   More Jimbo 1.  Tossin Tactics 2.  Where's Jimbo 3. Can't Keep Jimbo Down              

She’s Hooked

Tegan Fights Steelhead from marty sheppard on Vimeo.