3 Reasons fo Fish Five O’Clock Shadow!

Three reasons you might want to fish the Five O' Clock shadow in Ak this season. Pay close attention to the lip placement folks...   Uno   Dos   Tres

KP Shares Alaska Guides Top 9 Rules!

Guiding in Alaska is 1 flight in, at the beginning of the season, and 1 flight out, at the end of the season.  Don't get it wrong!   KP's Occupy Alaska - Top 9 Rules:   Rule 1  Coffee and Wet one's. It's like Sonny and Cher or Starskey and Hutch...it just kinda ...

Where Do Signature Flies Come From? KP Knows!

How does an Idylwilde signature fly make its journey from concept to becoming premium skunk repellent for sale at your local pro shop? KP produced the definitive documentary on "the process". The Process from Idylwilde Flies on Vimeo.

Pike V Morrish Mouse?

Summer 2012 Wrapped!

Is There Anything Else?

Sig Tier Ken Morrish received this email in regards to his Morrish Mouse pattern.   Ken, Every day I woke up in Kamchatka I thanked God for Ken Morrish and his wonderful mouse pattern. I think it's safe to say, that's my favorite fly in the whole world. Simple, visual, active, nearly indestructible. I ...

Severely Munched!

The Morrish Mouse shows its worth in Kamchatka.  Cliff Watt the designer of the Killowatt sent these photos to Ken Morrish after booking his trip through Fly Water Travel. Further reading on The Morrish Mouse   1.  Mouse v. Mouse 2. Mousing Not Just for Alaska 3.  Mouse Off [caption id="attachment_8410" align="aligncenter" width="666" caption="Munched!"][/caption]   [caption id="attachment_8409" align="aligncenter" ...

Nate Gets Things Started at Bristol Bay Lodge

Hey guys, just wanted to do a quick check-in from Alaska. Despite long days and lack of time to fish, we've managed to hit the water for a few hours a couple times in the evening for pike. [caption id="attachment_7884" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Getting some personal fishing in"][/caption] There seems to be some ...

BOB Gnarly is not a Rastafarian

So, what happens when I spend a summer where trout like to eat mice?  I spend pretty much all my tying effort trying to create my ultimate mouse.  Behold the BOB Gnarly, my take on the mouse.  Everyone's got their favorite mouse pattern and I guess I thought that I ...

5 Oclock Shadow

Untitled from kevin price on Vimeo.