Fishing and Eating Hamburgers Madison Style!

John Spriggs - Madison River, Montana from The Burgundy Collective on Vimeo.

Roman Polanski Production?

Whoa!!! Heavy!! The symbolism in the teddy bear scene eludes me? Do you get it? Not sure I am comfortable watching it a 2nd time.    

Hank Makes the “Tour”

KP Captures the Essence of Bob Quigley

Skwalas Dominate – Dispatches for Idylwilde City

Ok So it has been a while. I am sorry. This time of year for me gets pretty chaotic but do not fear Idylwilde city is a buzz with warm spring weather and great fishing all around. I haven’t seen much of the crew as we are busy guiding and ...

Country Pleasures’ Video Compilation 2011

Hey Zach, Thought I'd pass this along, especially considering all fish were caught on Idyl bugs (Low Rider, Egg Sucking Sculpin, CDC Caddis, etc!) Hope you enjoy Brent 2011 Fishing Compilation from CP Flyfishing on Vimeo.

Nor Cal – Dispaches from Idylwilde City

Fall is continues to approach …. College Football season started this week and gets going in force this Saturday, all my fantasy football nerd buddies are drafting their teams, rivers are dropping and filling up with salmon, doves are dying from shotgun fire, MLB rosters have expanded for the playoff ...

Alberta Fishing Lights Out – Get it While Summer Lasts

Hi Zach, It’s Hopper-Time.  Need I say more?  Big trout on foam flies makes for some happy anglers lately. While the Morrish Hopper has done us well, and the Chubby Chernobyl in Tan still has a ridiculous fish catching ability. Hot, bright days have made for some tougher afternoons but a ...

Evening Bite Offers Best Fishing in MIssoula

  [caption id="attachment_5653" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Nice hat"][/caption] Bitterroot-The days are still hot and dry and the fishing reflects it. We floated the lower river last week and we got a few fish to eat a black BLT, but by midday it was pretty dead, so we snuck into a slough to see ...

O’Keefe Goes Right Back to AK

Hey Zach - On my way to the Portland Airport, I hit the lower Deschutes and got my first steelie, a wild 6 pounder. Great way to start a trip to Alaska (again!!). I met up with Jerry Swanson, the ex-Kaufmann's travel guy and we visited four lodges in ten ...