Flesh, Flesh and More Flesh!

Hey Zach - wanted to check in and say hi from up here in the great Northland. I just returned from setting up one of our upriver spike camps and was able to enjoy several days of chasing trout and dollies. While up there, I was inspired to do a ...

Kings on the Fly – O’Keefe Checks In

Hey Zach I only have a couple minutes of wi-fi here in Cold Bay, AK, so here is a quick look at my trip in the Aleutian Islands/Nelson/HooDoo River with Aleutian Adventures and the camp I was at for 4 days.   The king salmon fishing was very good. Bright chrome chinook on ...

3 Reasons fo Fish Five O’Clock Shadow!

Three reasons you might want to fish the Five O' Clock shadow in Ak this season. Pay close attention to the lip placement folks...   Uno   Dos   Tres

Roman Polanski Production?

Whoa!!! Heavy!! The symbolism in the teddy bear scene eludes me? Do you get it? Not sure I am comfortable watching it a 2nd time.    

KP Shares Alaska Guides Top 9 Rules!

Guiding in Alaska is 1 flight in, at the beginning of the season, and 1 flight out, at the end of the season.  Don't get it wrong!   KP's Occupy Alaska - Top 9 Rules:   Rule 1  Coffee and Wet one's. It's like Sonny and Cher or Starskey and Hutch...it just kinda ...

Technically, Not Very Technical

Fishermen all over the world seem to be big on technique. Having great technique is great, but being technical can sometimes border on the obsessive. Which can result in being too technical/annoying if yer on the other end of the guy asking how many nano grams of dubbing is on yer ...

Where Do Signature Flies Come From? KP Knows!

How does an Idylwilde signature fly make its journey from concept to becoming premium skunk repellent for sale at your local pro shop? KP produced the definitive documentary on "the process". The Process from Idylwilde Flies on Vimeo.

Flyfishing Cribs – Tent Camp

AK Summer reality TV from Kevinpriceflyfishing.com on Vimeo.

Spring is New Years for KP

Most folks mark the end of another year smack dab in the dead of Winter. It's a terrible time to celebrate. Honestly, I think winter sucks!   I prefer to reflect on the years passing at the end of Spring. Generally this is about the time the Bass start biting, and I ...

Summer 2012 Wrapped!