Surgery Success! Morrish Lashes Out



Had surgery on Friday. Three hours of it to be exact. I have a 7 inch incision that I have not yet seen, a contoured titanium plate and ten screws holding it all together. For those of you who can still winter steelhead fish, know that my middle finger still works.

I hate all winter steelheaders!

Bionic man

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  1. Don Powell says:

    Hey Kenny,

    Thanks! I think you are #1 also!!!

    Glad the surgery is over and went well.

    The key to recovery: short rod, scandi line, underhand casting stroke- you’ll be back on the water in no time?

    A speedy recovery, my friend!!!


  2. scott says:




  3. gary says:

    chicks dig scars!

  4. chaveecha says:

    that x-ray looked like you were broken for good. glad to see you back together–incredible.

  5. mike gamby says:

    holy shite… that scar is cool.

    Glad you got fixed bro.

  6. The Mole says:

    We all know you will be out there southpawing the single hander next week. Can’t hold a good man down!

  7. Zach says:

    Kenny does this mean when I come down for our scheduled fishing trip this winter you will just be able to use that finger to point out the buckets?

  8. Fishjerk says:

    Shreddin so hard your clavicle exploded, damn!

  9. Ken Morrish says:

    Hey all,

    I appreciate the comments and feedback. Typing has been tough with one hand and I sucked when I had two. Just now becoming lucent enough to take stock of the situation. As for Gary’s opinion on chicks digging scars, I am confident that that will be the case for mine! Some advise though…do you think I should turn it into some rad barbwire tattoo like Heinrick Mortenson has, make it into a lateral line on some agro buck steelhead or just leave it as is? All input welcome.

    As for the Mole, I like the way you think! I know I could hook one on the swing south paw swininging with single hander with Wulff Ambush and a tip but I am hosed after that point. Either you are going to need to land it for me or I need a hook up with an automatic fly reel. Let me know if you can help because I can’t even wipe my but with my right hand yet.

    And Zach, lets just say that middle finger seems to remain very strong and I am certain that I could bring a number of things to your attention through its repeated use.



    PS I am disappointed that there have been no inquires on my tele gear. I will sell it for s song. But on the bright side it means the readers of this blog have their priorities right. I will try to do the same from now on.

  10. AG says:

    I could refer you to a tattoo artist or two here in CO when you come fish the stonefly hatch in the Gunny Gorge with me this June! Just a suggestion…

  11. mike gamby says:

    Maybe a Tattoo of an Arrow pointing to that cool scar.

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