Pre and Post Fishing Footwear – Georgia Giant Romeo


Unless you wader up at your house we all wear some form of footwear before and after our fishing day.  Time of year will often dictate our choices.  Driving to and from the water in comfort is a must.  We are going to point out some of our favorites over several posts.

Today it’s the Georgia Giant Romeo work shoe. These shoes are worn around our office  every day and have been for years.  I love these shoes.  In particular, the easy slip on/off ability (look ma, no hands), the rugged design (many years of use), and full grain leather, which can be waterproofed and forms to you foot over time.  These shoes can fit in most anywhere and match most all clothing choices.  I do prefer them with socks on.

There are knock-offs out there so look closely at what you’re buying; make sure they are the real thing.  You can usually find them at farm/feed stores, family-owned shoe stores, etc.  If the place sells Carhartt’s they probably sell Georgia Boots.

If you’re looking for a great shoe for everyday use that will last you many years and be one of your favorite pre and post fishing shoe, do yourself a favor and go get some Georgia Giant Romeos.

A pair for all occasions

8 Responses to “Pre and Post Fishing Footwear – Georgia Giant Romeo”

  1. Gig says:

    God those are hideous. I would rather wear my wife’s flip flops.

  2. RT says:

    Is it the time of year when we start staring at our shoes? I don’t think so.

  3. Gig says:

    Korkers Fisherman’s Mocs or Crocs, period.

  4. RT says:

    Anyone else try these out? I’ve got a couple pair and I really can’t say enough good about them. Super functional, extremely comfortable and a style that let’s people know are indeed an affluent man.

  5. Hambone says:

    Gig – did you really just dis the Georgia’s as “ugly,” and then admit to wearing Crocs?!?

  6. Seth says:

    Hambone – Hells yea! Crocs rule – especially a nice pretty pair in fuscia or a bright mango!

  7. RT says:

    This post is so pedestrian.

  8. Hambone says:

    RT says:

    This post is so pedestrian.

    Though it thankfully steers clear of pedantry in its peddling.

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