Get Your New Idylwilde Tee

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The 2014 Idylwilde Bug Tees are available.  Buy Now

WOMAN’S BUG TEE:  Chicks dig bugs too! And they will love their bugs on these ultra-light 100% cotton jersey tees that feel fantastic next to the skin and drape beautifully.  Sleek, contoured fit with side seams that flatter the silhouette, even preshrunk for great fit wash after wash.

MEN’S BUG TEE:  We love our bugs and so will you.  Nuff said!  Screen printed on preshrunk, slimmer-fit 100% cotton for comfort and steeze.


Idylwilde_bug_tee_mech 1

Judge Fails to Grant Idylwilde Preliminary Injunction – Judge Has Yet to Issue Opinion

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The case is far from over.  Idylwilde and I are still pursuing damages and a permanent injunction.  A motion for a preliminary injunction is merely an attempt to prevent additional harm while the case winds its way through the court system.  It is not a final decision about the merits of the case.  That will not happen for many months, maybe even a year.




Guess the Other Fisherman are at the Mall?

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Yep, December is here already. Snow, rain and warm clothes tend to be the norm for this time of year, but global warming tends to be a Bass fisherman’s best friend in my new home quarters.

December 1st brought 75 degree weather and a few nice largemouth to the hand less than 5 miles from my front door. Turns out nobody likes to fish around here this time of year??? Finally, Santa put me on his nice list!



Are you fishing weedless during the holidays?


Mall or lake?


That is NBA regulation sized hoop right there!

Convertible Ergonomic Workplace Tying Station & Office

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My boss was nice enough to provide us with ergonomically correct desks at work. Plugging away at emails all day is much easier on the back when you have the option of standing or sitting, and I’ve most certainly become a model employee since the addition of my adjustable-height desk. During those rare times when I’m not 100% focused on my workplace tasks, this desk duals as the perfect platform for tying a fly or two and dreaming of somewhere other than here, where I’m currently burning 40 hours a week of my best years.


Ergonomic = Tip of the finger adjustments to the work / tying desk.



Tip of the finger adjusting provides ergonomic options for tying/ work comfort. Sitting in this case.


Standing in this case. Fire pit gives the office / tying station that extra authenticity that transports your mind completely away from work and onto the river! I believe to Justin!


Drake Continues Coverage of Idylwilde’s Fight for Justice

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The Drake Magazine continues its coverage of actions taken to reclaim Idylwilde Flies.  Yesterday and article entitled “Idywlilde Strikes Back” appeared on The Drake website HERE.


The article reports the recent legal cation filed by Idylwilde against Umpqua, Mirabel and Bien Tan.




Driven by girl scout cookies (Thin Mints) and the desire for new shoes. Little Blair burns the midnight oil with dad.

Today Judge Rules in Idylwilde’s Favor

On November 19th, 2013 by

See Ruling Here

Legal Process to Reclaim Idylwilde Flies from Umpqua and Mirabel Underway

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” Umpqua is selling the flies that Idylwilde already paid its manufacturing partner in the Philippines to produce for the 2013 season. Idylwilde did not authorize the sale of those flies to Umpqua, and Umpqua did not contact us about buying them. It seems that Umpqua was hoodwinked into buying flies that the manufacturer did not have the right to sell. Consequently, Idylwilde is attempting to reclaim its flies from Umpqua” Written on Sept 11 Blog Post.

Yesterday Idylwilde legally filed for its right to claim the Flies from Umpqua and Mirabel:  Let the facts speak for themselves:





The Idylwilde Mirabel team!

My Thoughts Go Out to Tyers, Their Families and People of the Philippines

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On Friday Typhoon Hiyan (known locally as Yolanda) made landfall in the central Philippines.  It was one of the strongest Typhoons to make landfall ever!

Another tropical disturbance is expected to make landfall in the Philippines later this week.  Please keep the people of the Philippines in your thoughts as they struggle through this disaster.


I wanted to let the Mirabel staffers know that my thoughts (my parents and the Idylwilde staff as well) are with them and their families!  Many of the tyers have family and relatives who live in the “provinces” and my thoughts are with them as well.   I hope all of you and your families are safe!


My thoughts are with you guys! I hope you and your family’s are okay!

Consumers Are Not Dumb! – Idylwilde Still Blogging About it!

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Came across an interesting online conversation regarding my company, The Drake article, and my competitors actions.  The average consumer is quite sharp.  The average consumer is far from blind to what is going on.  Read through this thread to get a perspective of what the general public thinks. LINK TO ARTICLE:

Umpqua flies – bad mojo?


” Kevin Price’s flies are some of my favorite bass patterns in the summer.” CRS2006


People want to be fishing Weedless with the “real” Idylwilde!

Wild Ride for Fly Fishing Indsutry – Far From Over

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Wild Ride is Just About to Start!

The fall issue of The Drake Magazine was released yesterday.  The issue includes an article titled “The Fly Company That Lost – and Blogged It All” written by Geoff Mueller.

Mr. Mueller does his best to bring clarity to a story that continues to unfold.  A story where many have declared Idylwilde the “loser” based on nothing but rumor.

I would recommend making the following corrections for accuracy as you read the story:

  1. The article misstates that the joint venture promised Mr. Tan a 40 percent stake in Idylwilde.  I solely own Idylwilde.
  2. Mr. Tan does not have and never has had a 40 percent stake in Idylwilde.
  3. Dating back to April 24, 1998, Idylwilde and Mirabel have been partners in a joint venture.  Idylwilde has been the exclusive marketing agent for that joint venture ad Mirabel has been the exclusive manufacturer of Idyllwilde’s products.  I own 60% of that joint venture.
  4. I directed the design process for the Chubby Chernobyl to compete with Montana Fly Company’s Amy’s Ant.  Mr. Conaty fulfilled his job responsibilities and tied the samples aiding in developing Idylwilde version of Amy’s Ant.  Idylwilde’s distribution and onling marketing and branding efforts made the chubby popular.
  5. Idylwilde attempted to get a temporary restraining order against Mr. Conaty in part to prevent him from competing against Idylwilde while he still owned shares in Idylwilde.  Subsequently, the parties reached a mutually acceptable agreement.

Wild rides have some downs and well as ups

I would like to thank all of you out there who have and continue to support Idylwilde, our current staff and me.   Idylwilde is certainly in its darkest hour, but I remain confident that in due time, the truth will trump the slings and arrows carelessly and maliciously launched against Idylwilde.  In the meantime, I am buoyed by your loyalty to Idylwilde’s brand and the people behind the brand.

A deeply heartfelt thank you to all of you.