Kings on the Fly – O’Keefe Checks In


Hey Zach

I only have a couple minutes of wi-fi here in Cold Bay, AK, so here is a quick look at my trip in the Aleutian Islands/Nelson/HooDoo River with Aleutian Adventures and the camp I was at for 4 days.


The king salmon fishing was very good. Bright chrome chinook on the fly. Good food at camp. Warn ‘tents’/Weather Port Structures. It was never warmer than 52 degrees and there was a fair bit of rain, but the river was clear.


Leaving for Anchorage today, if the weather will allows flights. Only one bar of Internet here and no phones.






Doing the daily commute



O’Keefe’s fish’s Trailer Trash with confidence



Death grip required


Matching Chromers!



Land of the free!



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  1. RR says:

    So nice.

  2. Justin Karnopp says:

    O’Keefe gets more done before 10AM with one bar of internet than most of us do all year.

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