Ken Morrish Tests New Fly Design


Sweet tailouts are where you test new patterns

Ken Morrish was the first Signature Tier to sign up with Idylwilde.  He is the founder and one of the owners of Fly Water Travel, a premier fly-fishing destination travel agency.  His patterns have grown right along with the Idylwilde brand, starting  from obscurity and developing to be industry staples around the world.  The job requirement of owning a fly-fishing travel company means Kenny MUST travel around the globe to fish the destinations that his company sends their customers to.

Prototype did its job

Idylwilde’s desire to find new fly patterns that solve fishing problems and Kenny’s full time world wide fishing gig are a perfect marriage.  The constant travel and fishing have allowed Kenny to develop a wide offering of patterns, from his Morrish Mouse that is standard from Alaska to Kamchatka (mousing anywhere for that matter) to his series of Anato-May Nymphs that have become standard nymphs across most of the west.

Even though he fishes elite destinations around the world his local steelhead rivers and steelhead fishing is where his heart lies.  Kenny recently submitted a new line of steelhead patterns that will most likely be released in the 2010-2011 catalog.  The patterns are basically finished but Ken felt some fine tuning needed to be done before calling them done.  One more trip out and it looks like the attention to detail is paying off.

Touching them is a privilege

3 Responses to “Ken Morrish Tests New Fly Design”

  1. K price says:

    Here is a tip to fly fishermen/women and guides in Northern California that don’t already know this. Kenny’s iron sally, caddis pupa, and Dirty bird stroke in all the water that isn’t sent to So. Cal. His hopper is so simple, yet so realistic… Oh yea it catches fish as well. Saltwater…covered, Steelhead…roger that…Salmon…you betcha. Dude’s running a species monopoly. Yo Ken where’s the Catfish/Koi Patterns ?

  2. D. Estrada says:

    Woohoo! More of Kenny’s patterns. Can’t wait to try them out.

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