Hopper Forecast 2012


Hoppers will be game on in 2012, but according to the USDA Hopper Hazard map it will be confined in more selected area.

2012 Hazard Map

Wyoming’s North Platte looks hopper worthy.

Montana should see good hopper fishing on the Yellowstone, and the Big Horn area.

Oregon should see good action on the John Day (smallies), Imnaha, Malheur, and Owyhee. 

Idaho should see good numbers in both the the greater Boise and Idaho Falls areas.

Driftless Area we’ve already been hearing reports of fish eating hoppers this spring!

Black Hills is looking like a worthy hopper area too.

So if you’re in charge of stocking the fly bins for a fly shop that caters to any of these areas in particular, you may want to double check your fly orders to make sure you have enough Morrish’s Hoppers, Idyl’s Chubby Chernobyls, Yeager’s Hoppers, and/or Wilcox’s VW Hoppers.  If you’re an angler headed to any of these areas in July, August, or September, make sure your fly boxes have enough of these before you go.


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  1. Can’t go wrong with the Morrish Hoppers. We use all sizes and all colors here in Southwest Montana. My favorite is yellow and pink but the others are great. Having an assortment of sizes is crucial in order to match the fish’s daily attitude.

    Montana Angler Guide

  2. Fast forward to 2016! Where have all the hoppers gone on the Madison!? Will el nino bring them back this summer?

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