Gun Fights from Idylwilde City… yeah its worth reading


Time off is an interesting thing. The Idylwilde City Crew took some time off over the 4th of July weekend/week and I personally got caught up on family time and fishing on my own….we’ll get to the gun fight, but first the fishing

Striper not stripper report/Lower Sac outside of Idylwilde City- Fishing on my own usually means striper fishing on the L. Sac outside of Chico.  Its getting GOOD. I went fishing on Sunday with Ernie “the honey bear” Denison and his nephew Isaac. Ernie and Isaac were in the middle of a non-stop fishing binge stretching from chico to the North Umpqua. The Honey Bear hooked a DONKEY at the first stop…saw this animal role on his fly and then fold over a 9wt like it was a blade of grass. Easy 15-25lbs…Went straight out to mid river and The Honey Bear, despite his natural sweetness, could not coax this one to the boat and the hook pulled out. Fished a few more spots and managed a few nice 3-5lbers then went to a small mouth spot. Isaac hooked a few nice smallmouth for 2/3’s of the bass slam (Stiped, Large and Small = Bass Slam). Later that night up at Steiner Lake outside of Redding, CA Isaac completed the slam by getting a largemouth. Congrats to Isaac!

Striper not to be consfused with stripper

Brannon “Sanchez” Santos – His legal name is Santos his real name is Sanchez. Santos is a bastardization of Sanchez.  His family originally fromTiajuana crossed the border and in similar fashion to the name changes that took place on Ellis Island Sanchez became Santos.  In honor of Brannons cultural roots he is now affectionately known as “Brandito Sanchez”.

Brandito has been chasing the stripers on the lower Sac in his new boat the “Tabernacle Dos” (for the non spanish speaking “dos” is two). Darrin “the dealer” Deel, captain of the Panty Dropper Dos hooked a monster striper this week with Sanchez and lost it in a snag due to his inability to wrastle a donkey. He has stubby fingers making line management challenging.

Striper fishing should continue to improve and smaller flies fished in the slack water where bait congregates seems to be the key. Most fish are hanging in pods so find one and you will find a few. If the wade fishermen wants to explore there are spots available to fish without a boat….but a boat helps and it also carries your cooler full of cold beer which I find essential.

Part of The Delta Slam

Stripper not striper report – topless car wash was a hit from what I have heard. VIP nights have started at Center Folds in Idylwilde City which means $10 lap dances…just thought I would throw that out there.

Lower Sac Trout – Fishing in the top stretches has been really good, Posse to Anderson. Lots of boats and guides have been up there.  You won’t have it to yourself. I am going to be fishing down low around Red Bluff next week.   This is the time of the summer those lower floats can go off. The hotter the better down there (filled cooler essential). My go to flies are Amber Wing Princes, Jimmy Leggs, Chubby Cousin in Golden, Fox’s Poopah in tTan, Black Bead Olive Birds Mest, and a Wire Nest in Copper.

Lower Yuba – The lower yuba has dropped below 6000cfs and is hovering around 5-5500cfs. In previous years this would be considered BLOWN OUT.   Not this year.  Prior to the last flow decrease myself and others were fishing the river and doing fair to good throwing Grillos’ Hippie Stomper, Idyl Franken Hopper, Hogan’s Fast Water Caddis, and Morrish’s Hopper along the banks. Nymphing with Jimmy Leggs and a Tungsten Fast Water Prince, Curtis’ Get Stoned Golden, or any of the Idyl Holo Prince Flies was catching fish.  I am thinking the flows are going to slowly drop down here over the next months setting up July early August to be rocking on the L. Yuba….just a guess though about the flows so don’t hold me to it.

NF Feather and NF Yuba are still really high. I have heard some reports of guys catching a few fish on the NF Feather. Fishing the edges and getting into some spots when PG&E drops the flows for a few hours, but nothing I would recommend anyone driving too far to fish.

Shoot out in Idylwilde City – Apparently Sanchez and the Dealer (Daren Deel) were out canvasing the local bars last week, as they routinely do.  This time they found themselves in the middle of a regular OK Coral Shoot out. Sanchez has recently become single and is as the great Ronnie Van Zandt said “On the Hunt”. Guys got a serious score card that reads like a world traveler. The Dealer on the other hand is practically married and serves as the perfect wing man.

Well they were plying their game  and drinking Bud Light Lime’s at a local watering hole all hell broke loose.  The Dealer said “I thought some Jack Ass was lighting fire crackers off in the bar.” Screams ensued and the next thing Sanchez and The Dealer knew a guy next to them was bleeding profusely from 4 gun shot wounds…The Dealer reported that they jumped behind the bar, spilling their Bud Light Limes and cowering like little girls.

My question was why they didn’t fill their shorts full of bottles from behind the bar and make a run for the door in the chaos? According to Brandito, the Dealer was too obsessed with his spilled Bud Light Lime to take advantage of the fortunate situation they were in.  The greatest hip hop group of all time, THE WU TANG CLAN says, Idylwilde City Aint nuthin to F$#& Wit.

The Beer Report – So I was planning on cleansing my system until July 4th after my stint at the Clearwater Lodge Guide house.  Too hot to follow through I was back on the wagon on July 2nd.  It has been roasting in Idylwilde City, 105 for a few days in a row. While I was shopping for my youngest sons first birthday party I saw Modelo and Pacifico on sale for $11.99 a 12 pack.  I bought two of each.   My theory being in hot weather any beer you put a lime in is Ok to drink all day from Lunch on.

Gods Team

My preference for super hot days is domestic light beer mainly Bud Light Lime. With tip money in my pocket I have been opting for some of the classier Mexican Beers.  In addition I usually spend some time slurping cold ones with Brandito and feel it is only right to keep in touch with his cultural roots.

Sports Talk aka America’s greatest distraction from what is really important – The only things I love more than my teams are my family and fishing and mainly Gods Team Notre Dame being the apple of my eye.  No smirking or talking smack.  This is the only college football team endorsed by the pope and GOD. I have booked my yearly trip to South Bend and purchased tickets for all of ND’s west coast appearances.  I have already watched the spring game a few dozen times and am getting pumped!

In more present news my other team, the world series champion San Francisco Giants (I have enough heart for two teams – NFL and NBA can go to hell – NHL…seriously it is a Canadian sport and that is enough said, Soccer….really? the goal is the size of a school bus and they score like 1 or 2 times a game, Lame) are dragging me through nightly fits of rage and elation…Last night’s 14 inning game was complete torture. To cap off my week I am going with the whole family to San Francisco this weekend for the Friday and Saturday Games against the Mets. Gonna hit up the San Francisco Zoo as well. Then back to work on Monday.

Idylwilde City OUT!

Hogan Brown

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  1. Chris says:

    Brandito, you be safe now.

  2. The Deeler says:

    I believe it’s Branditõ Sañchez

  3. chuckDee says:

    You really have the nerve to say soccer is not a sport and baseball is? Come on, dude. If you can be fat, out of shape and perform the activity with a wad of chewing tobacco in your mouth it is not a sport.

  4. Chris says:

    At least you can use your hands eh?

  5. BS says:

    At a loss for words

  6. Kenny Powers says:

    In America, people fucking hate soccer.

  7. Zach says:

    Yeah Kenny I only play real sports, like sucking down Bud Light Lime’s and chasing my ex-girlfriend.

  8. Zach says:

    Golf being the one sport I have the ultimate respect for. Any sport where you can suck tubes while you play and still be one of the top 50 in the world. It gives me hope for myself.

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