First Molokai Bonefish! First Hawaii Bonefish!


Bonefish on!

Robert Dotson recently contacted me about fly fishing for bonefish on Molokai.  Robert had been coming to Hawaii for years but only recently heard that there were fly fishing opportunities for bonefish on the islands.   His first contact was to some people on Oahu who said if they flew him to Molokai they would be happy to guide him.

Why not look and see if there are guides on Molokai he thought?  Found Captain Zach, cut out the middleman, and booked a flight.

Could we concentrate our fishing to the “flats” Robert inquired.   Sure I replied (I mean where else would we fish). Early morning pick up, to the boat, to the water and we were fishing.  Apparently Robert did not have any idea of the scale of the flats here on Molokai.  He was impressed and more so after he hooked a fish on his 2nd day.  He thought it might be similar to Maui with one or 2 very limited flats.  Not the case he discovered.

Day 1 was rough.  A full moon up all night was encouraging as many bones to actively feed during the day.  We had some shots to no avail.  Day 2 started slow but finished with a bang.  We ventured out in some deeper water and found a number of fish feeding and moving.  That is all we needed and Robert made a nice cast, fish inhaled the fly and the rest is history.   An annual trip my be in order?

Robert lands his first Hawaiian and first Molokai bone.

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