Deschutes Report 10-15-10



Silvey's Purple Nurple is deadly

How can you beat customer service with an on the river delivery and a hot pre-fish fishing report!  Trout have been a non-target species now for about a month and I had probably my last official trout trip of 2010 this week.  Luck would have it that Patrick and crew was on the river for a couple of days focusing on redsides. So not only did I get a smash and grab pickup of some much needed mid season steelhead flies ( Silent Assassins back ordered!) even better I got a hot trout report.  Jimmy legs and some caddis pupa trailers.  I started my trout day with total confidence and he was spot on. Jimmy legs or crazy legs or whatever other “legs” the clients called them, they hauled the mail for a great wrap up to trout season. No need to start sorting through the bull pen, Jimmy went all nine innings. I don’t think it fished as well as it did three days before when Patrick first put on, but I think they stung every fish in the ditch from the sounds of it.

Morejohn's Bantam, Black n Blue

Steelheading has been steelheading.  Fish throughout the system. A lot tougher than last year. Just more work and keep swinging away. Some nice fish to make up for lack of numbers. Bantams and Black/blue tubes putting fish on the beach on tips, and Undertakers and Silent Assassins picking up on the floating and intermediate tips.  Grab your confidence flies and keep at it. It’s steelheading. Mike Boyd

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  1. varna says:

    You are dominating the pano’s Boyd!

  2. Zach says:

    Who knew Jimmy was going to be pitching full games in his rookie season?

  3. Troutdawg says:

    Can’t wait to get back to the Deschutes again soon!

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