Consumers Are Not Dumb! – Idylwilde Still Blogging About it!


Came across an interesting online conversation regarding my company, The Drake article, and my competitors actions.  The average consumer is quite sharp.  The average consumer is far from blind to what is going on.  Read through this thread to get a perspective of what the general public thinks. LINK TO ARTICLE:

Umpqua flies – bad mojo?


” Kevin Price’s flies are some of my favorite bass patterns in the summer.” CRS2006


People want to be fishing Weedless with the “real” Idylwilde!

2 Responses to “Consumers Are Not Dumb! – Idylwilde Still Blogging About it!”

  1. Tomgagnon says:

    Link didn’t work was this the one?
    Sucks that umpqua has to pull this shit in an attempt to stay relevant…

  2. Zach says:

    Hey Tom – you are correct. I updated the link.

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