Build a Lie Detector – Earn Your Bragging Rights


After seeing Jason (one of our guides) new fish measuring device, I knew I had to make my own.
With the help of Jay having pre-cut tubing, and Zach supplying me with some SWAG, the solution was obvious.

Here’s my build instructions that will keep things honest between friends no matter how many cocktails are consumed. No more guessing the size of the big fish of the day

Get yourself some 4″ plastic tubing and get it cut. Jason Eggleton hooked me up with some of his left over  PVC after he had a bunch cut for his own lie detectors. Sand all of the edges and the the entire surface of the tube so the stickers grip when applied, varnish and apply the cap.
I went with 31″ long tube so my when I surpass Steve McQueen on the bad ass scale I have 4 more inch’s to the end of the tube.  This will allow me to confirm fish up to 30″ also known as “Dee Chatani Status”.  You can use this extra 4 inch’s to write in the supreme bad ass of your choice here.

I got a 4″ ABS end cap and glued it on using ABS cement. Use lots of pressure and give the glue time to set up before playing with it.

I affixed my first measuring device, courtesy of Idylwilde Flies

Add a few more stickers for good luck!

Finished both ends of the tube with another sticker, I’ll be adding my own measuring marks into the Brown Trout sticker later. If you’re satisfied with 26″, you obviously don’t have to go this far. I also cut off the lip of the end cap, and sanded the edge down so as not to injure any fish.  This way you have the option of documenting a fish that surpasses Dee Chatani status.

Varnish like hell and re-coat numerous times. The more coats, the longer it will last in the sun, as well as keep your stickers from peeling off.

Final step is to catch a fish that makes you want to pull the lie detector out.  One of the benefits of this method of measuring fish is that you can keep the detector partially submerged with the fish lying on its side submerged as well.  The idea of the lie detector is not only to bring the end of day bar talk back down to reality but to put the least amount of stress on the fish.



Length Brian O'Keefe. Girth Steve McQueen!


~ Brent

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