BOB Gnarly is not a Rastafarian


So, what happens when I spend a summer where trout like to eat mice?  I spend pretty much all my tying effort trying to create my ultimate mouse.  Behold the BOB Gnarly, my take on the mouse.  Everyone’s got their favorite mouse pattern and I guess I thought that I could improve a couple things on the favorites.

Bob Gnarly

I had three goals in mind with this fly: To create a mouse that wakes in the surface film rather than skitters delicately on top of the surface.  I wanted something that didn’t cast like a wet sock.  I wanted something that would be durable enough to tie on in the morning and leave on all day.  Consequently I came up with a super easy casting, always floating, nearly indestructible, fish stickin’ machine.

Every Idylwilde mouse has something different to offer and I’m just psyched to add mine to the mix.  When next year’s trout season gets under way there’s going to be a new player on the team!  Those predatory, mouse eatin’ trout better watch it!

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