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I love the Lake!

"I don't want my kids to do any sports or after school activities. That would mean having to take time away from the lake. I don't want to take any time away from the lake. I love the lake!" Dave Bagget Okie Noodling Who wouldn't love ...

Weekend at Largo X!

75 degees in the shade, Fossils on stones, Mega turkey's, Pelican Bay lunch break, Fat Northern Largemouth eating baitfish patterns as fast as you can strip them (or a robo worm on a shakey head if you are pitching gear) and then bending your 10 wt. in two...yata yata yata......      

Need Water!!! …Buzz Worms are Out

Here are some pics from today at the lake. Hit a couple spots, and caught some quality Crappie and Spotted Bass. Nothing like sight fishing in March. Also, got rattled on for the first time this year...not rad. We need some water down here!   --- KP [caption id="attachment_10261" align="aligncenter" width="666"] Looks ...

The Grab! by: Weedless Productions – Starring Marts Zulu

The Beach Today

[caption id="attachment_9927" align="alignnone" width="442"] Spent a great Sunday walking the beach with a fly rod![/caption]  

KP Easily Finds Seclusion On NorCal Public Water

Yo,   Made the long trip up north on Thursday night to visit family, and go to a wedding. It feels great to be back in my old stomping grounds for a few days, recharge the batteries, see the familia, and enjoy some places I spent so many years exploring. The sun ...

Gotta Weed Problem? Dr. Price Has Your Prescription!

WEEDLESS from on Vimeo.

KP Discovers Secret Bass Fishery

[caption id="attachment_9633" align="alignnone" width="700"] Ocean wind blows over the dunes making for great water temps and tough casting[/caption] Hey Zach and Brian, Found a killer lake down here. It's small, no shore access, only kayak or pram.  Hiking a ways is the only way to access the lake. Most people are not ...

Reps & Fly Shops Taking it On the Chin Too!

[caption id="attachment_9598" align="alignright" width="300"] Jaylo enjoying a moment during less stressful times[/caption] With all the recent events at Idylwilde, I wanted to throw a quick shout out to a great friend and guy who has a lot to loose from all that is going on right now...Jason Lozano.  AKA Jaylo   Jason is ...

3 Reasons fo Fish Five O’Clock Shadow!

Three reasons you might want to fish the Five O' Clock shadow in Ak this season. Pay close attention to the lip placement folks...   Uno   Dos   Tres