Weekend at Largo X!

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75 degees in the shade, Fossils on stones, Mega turkey’s, Pelican Bay lunch break, Fat Northern Largemouth eating baitfish patterns as fast as you can strip them (or a robo worm on a shakey head if you are pitching gear) and then bending your 10 wt. in two…yata yata yata……










Spring Success for The Professor and His Butt Scudly

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I designed the Butt Scudly to swing on Western tailwaters  using a scandi dry line and polyleader.  From the polyleader, I typically run 2-3′ of 2x fluoro to a lightly-weighted leech (like my Ish’s Smalls which are in the 2014 catalog) and trail the Scudly with 16″ of 3x fluoro.  This set up is most effective in medium to slow moving water.  My best success has come in winter and spring when there’s a limited amount of food for the fish to key in on.  In terms of presentation, I quarter my cast downstream and mend/highstick to achieve a slow and steady swing, adding small pulses to animate the fly when it hits slack water.


Early Spring Hogito!


I use an identical set up on lakes during that timeframe between ice off and full-bore chironomid hatches.  My presentation is similar: cast at an angle, allow the poly to sink, and retrieve with 1-3″ pulses.


Although I meant for the Scudlies to be a “swing” fly, they have actually proven more effective on a dead drift (i.e., under a Sindicator) anywhere scuds or sowbugs are a food source.  I stumbled across their crossover appeal while fishing with Jason Martinez last spring.  For some inexplicable reason, Jason was overcome by his inner Magnus Magnusson and, fish-be-damned, had to flip over a tractor tire that was submerged mid-run.  Once the splash subsided, we could see that the underside was crawling with sowbugs–some nearly an inch long–and most nearly identical in size and color to a #12 olive/tan Scudly.  Within an hour, both of us had switched our rigs to double Scudlies and ended up having one of the best days either of us had experienced.  So, I guess despite spooking the top half of the run, Jason’s “feat of strength” ended up being a big win.


The Prof needs a tongue depressor to complete his close up exam.



The Professor recommends fishing the Butt Scudly’s on a loop to exploit full potential of his fly design.

I was fortunate enough to fish that same river last week, rigged up double Scudlies at the put in, and never found a reason to change things up.  I’ve had the best luck running these relatively short: 3′ to a BB, then 12-16″ of 4x fluoro to a #10 orange Scudly and 12-16″ of 4x fluoro to a #12 tan/olive. I will lengthen things up for deep holes but in general, fish seem willing to move up the water column to eat a scud.  During this last trip, 80-90% of fish took the #12 tan/olive, but the bigger browns all eat the #10 orange (possibly as a cross-over for an egg).


Last, I no matter the presentation used, I attach all my Scudlies with a non-slip mono loop knot, which allows the fly to undulate in a more lifelike fashion.


Need Water!!! …Buzz Worms are Out

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Here are some pics from today at the lake. Hit a couple spots, and caught some quality Crappie and Spotted Bass. Nothing like sight fishing in March. Also, got rattled on for the first time this year…not rad. We need some water down here!   — KP





Looks Buzzy!!!

Have a Chrome Christmas!

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The Jeweler produces “bling” both on the water and at the bench!


Get Your New Idylwilde Tee

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The 2014 Idylwilde Bug Tees are available.  Buy Now

WOMAN’S BUG TEE:  Chicks dig bugs too! And they will love their bugs on these ultra-light 100% cotton jersey tees that feel fantastic next to the skin and drape beautifully.  Sleek, contoured fit with side seams that flatter the silhouette, even preshrunk for great fit wash after wash.

MEN’S BUG TEE:  We love our bugs and so will you.  Nuff said!  Screen printed on preshrunk, slimmer-fit 100% cotton for comfort and steeze.


Idylwilde_bug_tee_mech 1

Judge Fails to Grant Idylwilde Preliminary Injunction – Judge Has Yet to Issue Opinion

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The case is far from over.  Idylwilde and I are still pursuing damages and a permanent injunction.  A motion for a preliminary injunction is merely an attempt to prevent additional harm while the case winds its way through the court system.  It is not a final decision about the merits of the case.  That will not happen for many months, maybe even a year.




Guess the Other Fisherman are at the Mall?

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Yep, December is here already. Snow, rain and warm clothes tend to be the norm for this time of year, but global warming tends to be a Bass fisherman’s best friend in my new home quarters.

December 1st brought 75 degree weather and a few nice largemouth to the hand less than 5 miles from my front door. Turns out nobody likes to fish around here this time of year??? Finally, Santa put me on his nice list!



Are you fishing weedless during the holidays?


Mall or lake?


That is NBA regulation sized hoop right there!

Convertible Ergonomic Workplace Tying Station & Office

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My boss was nice enough to provide us with ergonomically correct desks at work. Plugging away at emails all day is much easier on the back when you have the option of standing or sitting, and I’ve most certainly become a model employee since the addition of my adjustable-height desk. During those rare times when I’m not 100% focused on my workplace tasks, this desk duals as the perfect platform for tying a fly or two and dreaming of somewhere other than here, where I’m currently burning 40 hours a week of my best years.


Ergonomic = Tip of the finger adjustments to the work / tying desk.



Tip of the finger adjusting provides ergonomic options for tying/ work comfort. Sitting in this case.


Standing in this case. Fire pit gives the office / tying station that extra authenticity that transports your mind completely away from work and onto the river! I believe to Justin!


Drake Continues Coverage of Idylwilde’s Fight for Justice

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The Drake Magazine continues its coverage of actions taken to reclaim Idylwilde Flies.  Yesterday and article entitled “Idywlilde Strikes Back” appeared on The Drake website HERE.


The article reports the recent legal cation filed by Idylwilde against Umpqua, Mirabel and Bien Tan.




Driven by girl scout cookies (Thin Mints) and the desire for new shoes. Little Blair burns the midnight oil with dad.

Today Judge Rules in Idylwilde’s Favor

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See Ruling Here