First Molokai Bonefish! First Hawaii Bonefish!

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Bonefish on!

Robert Dotson recently contacted me about fly fishing for bonefish on Molokai.  Robert had been coming to Hawaii for years but only recently heard that there were fly fishing opportunities for bonefish on the islands.   His first contact was to some people on Oahu who said if they flew him to Molokai they would be happy to guide him.

Why not look and see if there are guides on Molokai he thought?  Found Captain Zach, cut out the middleman, and booked a flight.

Could we concentrate our fishing to the “flats” Robert inquired.   Sure I replied (I mean where else would we fish). Early morning pick up, to the boat, to the water and we were fishing.  Apparently Robert did not have any idea of the scale of the flats here on Molokai.  He was impressed and more so after he hooked a fish on his 2nd day.  He thought it might be similar to Maui with one or 2 very limited flats.  Not the case he discovered.

Day 1 was rough.  A full moon up all night was encouraging as many bones to actively feed during the day.  We had some shots to no avail.  Day 2 started slow but finished with a bang.  We ventured out in some deeper water and found a number of fish feeding and moving.  That is all we needed and Robert made a nice cast, fish inhaled the fly and the rest is history.   An annual trip my be in order?

Robert lands his first Hawaiian and first Molokai bone.

Idylwilde Hawaii Goes Live

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Hi Folks,

It has been some time since I posted.  Thought I would update those who care.

For the time being I am living half the year in Hawaii.  I have recently set up Idylwilde Hawaii, a guided trips targeting bonefish on the flats of Molokai.  I was born and raised on Molokai so this is home.  The other half of the year I reside on the mainland to live close to my son during the summer months when he is off from school.

Looking at flats from my home on Molokai

Looking at flats from my home on Molokai

It has taken some time to come to terms with my loses, both personal and professional.  I still own Idylwilde and have kept it idle during my time of recovery.  Will I start it again?  That is a question I ask myself almost daily and do not have the answer to date.

It has taken time to get my living situation sorted out as well.  I now have a permanent base both on the mainland and in Hawaii. Taking care of these details gives me peace of mind to all me to focus on the future and what it has in store for Idylwilde.

Going forward I intend to post on this blog about guiding for bones, fishing reports, life on Molokai and other things I find interesting.





Case Settles as Idylwilde Looks to 2016

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Idylwilde sun rising over recent clouds

Idylwilde sun rising over recent clouds

The legal dispute between Umpqua, Mirabel and Idylwilde has settled.  The case has come to a close.

It is now time for Idylwilde to look towards 2016.  The company  intends to hone production through 2015.  Insuring that 2016 deliveries will meet Idylwilde quality standards.

Thank all of you for your support and loyalty during this last year and a half’s unfortunate event.

Idylwilde is looking forward to reclaiming its brand reputation moving into the future.

Umpqua Officers Named as Individual Defendents

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On July 1, 2014, Jeff Fryhover, Daniel Eisenmenger, and Bruce Olson became individual defendants in the lawsuit captioned Idylwilde, Inc. et al v. Umpqua et al, USDC No. 3:13-cv-02009-HZ, making them potentially personally liable for the alleged damage to Idylwilde, Inc. and Zach Mertens.  See the allegations against them by clicking on the link to the First Amended Complaint.


Karnopp Attempts to Tell “His” and Other Idylwilde Signature Tyer Story

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Note:  Justin submitted this letter to fly fishing magazines.  The editors of those publications either decided not to print the letter or did not respond.  These are the views of Idylwilde Signature tyers independent of Idylwilde.  The Drake wrote one story about the theft of Idylwilde but doesn’t seem interested in keeping its readers updated now that legal factual evidence has been filed.   Many seem to have been told “Idylwilde lost the case and it is all over”.   In fact the case is merely beginning.  The “discovery” phase has begun.  If anyone is interested for starters Idylwilde served Subpoena’s to 30 fly shop.  Umpqua tried to block these subpoena’s but failed.  As a result evidence is beginning to arrive making the case stronger by the day.  More Subpoena’s will be going out each week to other parties that are involved.  (Idylwilde)



Dear Editor,

I have been a signature tier with Idylwilde Flies since 2006. Many of the designs that I currently have in production with Idylwilde (that were purchased and subsequently distributed by Umpqua) took years to develop both at the vise and on the water and I am compensated for my time through fly royalties, checks that have always arrived on time from Idylwilde.


Smell the pheromones. Its all fun and games till somebody loses an ego.

For a fly designer like myself, who has a few moderately popular patterns in production, the monetary gains amount to covering the cost of more tying materials and the odd tank of gas to get to the water to test those flies. I design flies primarily because its fun, adds another dimension to my fishing and tying, and the notion of other anglers having success on fly patterns of my own design appeals to me, but I wouldn’t do if for free. Consumers that purchase flies from companies that have such programs do so with the understanding that substantial thought and experimentation went into a pattern and they can trust that the fly has been “fish-approved”.


Space Invader is a well thought out pattern. Many have caught fish on this fly designed by Justin.

Umpqua announced via a letter to its dealers dated September 10, 2013 that they had purchased the inventory of Idylwilde Flies Philippines-based factory and “are the only fly manufacturer in a position to bring it all in at once, distribute it efficiently, and that is willing to compensate the fly designers for their creative genius.” In a letter designed to tempt one of the more-recognizable Idylwilde tiers to sign with Umpqua, an Umpqua sales representative declared, “all Idylwilde designers are invited to become Umpqua signature designers and get paid on any fly that ships with their name on it.” However, to-date, I have not been contacted by Umpqua in regards to this compensation. In fact, my attempts to contact them to simply answer the question “what is your intention with the flies that I designed for Idylwilde”, have been ignored. Perhaps I don’t meet Umpqua’s standards as “creative genius”, but what about tying talents Stuart Dominick, Eric Ishiwata, Bill Marts, Kevin Price, and Brannon Santos? Collectively, these individuals have designed over 50 unique fly patterns under contract for Idylwilde that were subsequently purchased and sold by Umpqua without so much as a phone call. I’m sure there are many others that have not “been invited to become Umpqua signature designers”, but at this point, who would want to be?

Unfortunately, fly companies have and do rip-off individual patterns and tweak the name to dodge royalty payments and Umpqua has pointed to this example several times to justify its actions and discredit Idylwilde. But Umpqua undercut a whole group of signature tiers by acquiring their entire personal fly libraries, designed under contract for a different company, and sold them sans compensation, let alone acknowledgment in many cases? This is unprecedented, highly immoral, and seriously damaging to our individual brands and the signature tier model that companies, including Umpqua, rely upon to bring fresh ingenuity to the commercial fly market. Dealers and consumers that purchase these flies should be aware that the creativity and time that went into them is not being respected, recognized, or compensated. Further, Umpqua is outright lying to its dealers about its willingness to compensate fly designers (other than a couple of individuals that signed over from Idylwilde) further calling into question their ethics regarding this whole affair.



Justin Karnopp

I love the Lake!

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“I don’t want my kids to do any sports or after school activities. That would mean having to take time away from the lake. I don’t want to take any time away from the lake. I love the lake!” Dave Bagget Okie Noodling

Who wouldn’t love the lake when you are having days like this! I LOVE the Lake!

Weekend at Largo X!

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75 degees in the shade, Fossils on stones, Mega turkey’s, Pelican Bay lunch break, Fat Northern Largemouth eating baitfish patterns as fast as you can strip them (or a robo worm on a shakey head if you are pitching gear) and then bending your 10 wt. in two…yata yata yata……










Spring Success for The Professor and His Butt Scudly

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I designed the Butt Scudly to swing on Western tailwaters  using a scandi dry line and polyleader.  From the polyleader, I typically run 2-3′ of 2x fluoro to a lightly-weighted leech (like my Ish’s Smalls which are in the 2014 catalog) and trail the Scudly with 16″ of 3x fluoro.  This set up is most effective in medium to slow moving water.  My best success has come in winter and spring when there’s a limited amount of food for the fish to key in on.  In terms of presentation, I quarter my cast downstream and mend/highstick to achieve a slow and steady swing, adding small pulses to animate the fly when it hits slack water.


Early Spring Hogito!


I use an identical set up on lakes during that timeframe between ice off and full-bore chironomid hatches.  My presentation is similar: cast at an angle, allow the poly to sink, and retrieve with 1-3″ pulses.


Although I meant for the Scudlies to be a “swing” fly, they have actually proven more effective on a dead drift (i.e., under a Sindicator) anywhere scuds or sowbugs are a food source.  I stumbled across their crossover appeal while fishing with Jason Martinez last spring.  For some inexplicable reason, Jason was overcome by his inner Magnus Magnusson and, fish-be-damned, had to flip over a tractor tire that was submerged mid-run.  Once the splash subsided, we could see that the underside was crawling with sowbugs–some nearly an inch long–and most nearly identical in size and color to a #12 olive/tan Scudly.  Within an hour, both of us had switched our rigs to double Scudlies and ended up having one of the best days either of us had experienced.  So, I guess despite spooking the top half of the run, Jason’s “feat of strength” ended up being a big win.


The Prof needs a tongue depressor to complete his close up exam.



The Professor recommends fishing the Butt Scudly’s on a loop to exploit full potential of his fly design.

I was fortunate enough to fish that same river last week, rigged up double Scudlies at the put in, and never found a reason to change things up.  I’ve had the best luck running these relatively short: 3′ to a BB, then 12-16″ of 4x fluoro to a #10 orange Scudly and 12-16″ of 4x fluoro to a #12 tan/olive. I will lengthen things up for deep holes but in general, fish seem willing to move up the water column to eat a scud.  During this last trip, 80-90% of fish took the #12 tan/olive, but the bigger browns all eat the #10 orange (possibly as a cross-over for an egg).


Last, I no matter the presentation used, I attach all my Scudlies with a non-slip mono loop knot, which allows the fly to undulate in a more lifelike fashion.


Need Water!!! …Buzz Worms are Out

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Here are some pics from today at the lake. Hit a couple spots, and caught some quality Crappie and Spotted Bass. Nothing like sight fishing in March. Also, got rattled on for the first time this year…not rad. We need some water down here!   — KP





Looks Buzzy!!!

Have a Chrome Christmas!

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The Jeweler produces “bling” both on the water and at the bench!